Monday, January 2, 2017

Tom Fallwell- This is Me

I look behind
To see where I came from
I look inside
To see what I've become
I look around
To see just where I am
Without regret
I move ahead
And do just what I can
This is me
It's who I am
Life can't hold me down
This is me
It's what I do
When trouble comes around

Sunday, January 1, 2017

This is Me-Lucinda Moebius

This is Me
July 9th, 2016 (This was written a few days after my husband’s second stroke)
This is me
This is who I am
I am white
I am a woman
I am wearing what makes me comfortable
I am old
I am flawed
I am weak
I am broken by life
This is me
My heart breaks because people have to argue about whose life matters more
And in the meantime more valuable lives are taken by hate and anger
I am in pain because I cannot understand, comprehend, empathize with those who suffer
Because this is me
My tears are at the surface
Closer than they have ever been before
This is me
I can't be beautiful
Because the pain of age and death has taken all I have to give

This is me

Happy New Year!

This month I am going to finish a couple of projects. I will make a goal of creating at least 6 30 Days threads in 2017.
I want to finish The - in between by the end of January
I will tackle The Hero's Journey in February.
We will see what happens next!

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